There’s no Excuse for Making Excuses

I attribute my success to this: I never gave or took an excuse.
— Florence Nightengale

I am back once again, after another rather long hiatus. I have an excuse, though: since my last post, I have:

  • Gotten married (to an amazing lady, I might add)
  • Had my honeymoon
  • Changed jobs
  • Bought a house
  • Sold my old house
  • Moved from the East Coast to the West (with four dogs!)

That’s a long list of big life changes to have going on all at once, am I right? So I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s perfectly understandable that I’ve let a few things fall through the cracks — like writing for this site. Right?

Well, actually, no. That’s a bunch of crap. Because since my last post, I’ve also managed to find time for:

  • Video Games
  • Netflix
  • Random Web Surfing

So in reality, my excuse is pretty lame, which is hardly surprising. Most excuses are.

Just think of how many people never find time to do what they know they ought to, yet spend hours upon hours daily on a similar list of distractions. Yes, I know, we all need downtime, but spending 34 hours per week watching TV doesn’t leave much time for achieving your dreams.

My time spent on my own distractions hasn’t quite reached that level. I really have been insanely busy with all the big life events over the past 2 or 3 months, after all. But if I am to be completely honest, I must admit that there’s been more than enough time to squeeze in at least a little bit of writing without burning myself out.

Sure, I’ve been more than a little bit worn out, but a big part of learning to live a more independent, self sufficient life — the sort of life that leads to financial freedom — is getting things done, even especially on the days when you’d rather be doing something else.

So, to that end:

A New Challenge

Long time readers may recall that I am a fan of thirty-day challenges. There’s nothing quite so motivating as making a public commitment, so here is mine: Starting today, I will post on this site daily for thirty days. My articles may be a bit shorter, but they will be substantive — “roundups” of old material or collections of links don’t count.

Thanks to all of you who have stuck around these past few months. See you tomorrow!


  1. Sean Owen

    Note: You may have noticed I’ve removed the email subscription form. That’s because my mail plugin isn’t working for some reason. I’m looking into it.

    In the meantime, you can subscribe via rss at

  2. Hey Sean glad to see you’re back!
    I’ve LONG had you in my RSS feed ever since your multi-part series on “Most Retirement Advice is Worse than Useless”, very happy to see a new post appear. I’m also looking forward to reading more of your posts and if you’d like a day off during the month, feel free to give me an email as I’d be more than happy to do a guest post for you 🙂

  3. Congrats and welcome back!

    I wouldn’t feel too guilty. That’s a lot to accomplish in a few months. And holy crap, a post every day for the next 30 days? It’ll be like Christmas for me all over again. Looking forward to it, even if they are small updates.

    By the way, what video games do you play? I want to get into them again in 2013. I know it’s weird to want to play more video games (most people want to do the opposite), but I had a revelation about how much I enjoyed them in the past and I actually have the money to spend on games now, unlike when I was in high school.

  4. Sean Owen

    It’s kind of sad that my last 3 posts all have “welcome back” comments. 🙂 But thanks! It’s been a wild ride.

    As for games, it varies – I’m working my way through Mass Effect 3 at present. The series is a nice hybrid of rpg and shooter.

    Games are not all bad, btw – they’re a decent value entertainment-wise if you break it down by hour. (Just imagine how low the hourly cost is for your average basement-dwelling WOW player!) The trouble is they tend to be anti-social, and have a way of consuming your life, so they’re best handled with care.

    Just checked out your blog by the way – I love the level of detail you’re presenting about your progress. You’re a brave man to put all those figures out into the open like that.

  5. excuses or no, Sean it’s good to see you back in the game.

    I look forward to more and, for what it is worth, my old email subscription let me know about this post.

    • Sean Owen

      Thank you, sir. Interesting that you got an email – I didn’t, and neither did a bunch of other folks. The mail plugin must just be flaky, rather than completely broken. I’ve been meaning to switch to something better anyway.

  6. Krissie

    Hi Sean,
    I like that you responded to Jim with a “sir”. Personally, I think he is more of a “Lord”. It was through his site I found yours and it’s interesting to see the different perspective you have. I also like that you have 4 dogs and pointed out that people who own pets tend to live longer. MMM in one of his posts listed an expense of ‘voluntarily owning large animals’ (or something similar) that I wasn’t fond of. To each his own… I would take less in savings for what pets bring into our lives. The only thing that would love you more than a rescued cat is a rescued dog! Not to mention the compassion they teach us, especially to our children. >^..^<

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