These are my current favorite personal finance blogs.

Mr. Money Mustache — If life is a riddle, this guy has solved it. The most entertaining, useful, and just plain kick-ass blog on the net today. Read it. You’ll be a better person if you do.

Early Retirement Extreme — The original, and a major source of inspiration. It’s still an extraordinary resource, even though Jacob has gone inactive after retiring from his retirement. I recommend you start at the first post and read it all the way though. Warning: this will take a while. Alternatively, you can pick up Jacob’s excellent, but dense book.

ThisIsWhyUBroke — Fearless, merciless, hilarious — I don’t agree with everything this dude writes, but I always enjoy it. I just wish he posted more often. (No, I see absolutely no irony in that statement. Why do you ask?)

Brave New Life — Another great perspective on having the courage to take your life back from the consumerism trap, and reaching financial freedom at a young age.

JLCollinsNH — I first ran into this fellow when we butted heads (good-naturedly, of course) over my guest post at Mr. Money Mustache. I then started reading his blog, and its wit and wisdom quickly made it one of my favorites.

Mutilate the Mortgage — From the Land Down Under comes another great personal finance blog. As you might have guessed, the focus is on paying down your mortgage (and no wonder, given the outrageous real-estate bubble going on down there), but the ideas the Mutilator writes about are great whether you have a mortgage or not.