Most Retirement Advice is Worse than Useless

You have read the conventional wisdom about retirement dozens of times, from dozens of different sources. The disseminators have impressive-sounding credentials, and sport impressive-looking beards. They say, “Trust us, we’re the experts. We know best.” Or at least they imply as much.

And yet… and yet… you have your doubts. The years are passing you by, and you don’t seem to be as far along as you expected. You wonder if perhaps, just perhaps, the conventional wisdom, despite all its bearded and bespectacled advocates, might not be all it’s cracked up to be.

This series is for you.

  • Part I: The Plan — Wherein the traditional path to retirement bliss is described, and called into question. We then proceed to submit the notion of average returns to scrutiny and suspicion.
  • Part II: Inflation — Wherein we examine the third guarantee in life, the lesser known cousin of death and taxes.
  • Part III: Average is Not Typical — Wherein we subject averages to further suspicion.
  • Part IV: The Devil’s Due — Wherein we pay our respects to the almighty vampire squids of Wall Street.
  • Part V: 4% of Nothing — Wherein we examine the seductive 4% rule, and peer deeply into its dark soul, laying bare its secrets.

Come, join the discussion, and find your suspicions vindicated.